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Elephants are social

creatures and highly

sensitive and caring

animals. Elephants

express grief, compassion,

self-awareness, altruism

and play. They cry, have

incredible memories, and


Elephants pay homage.

When an elephant walks

past a place that a loved

one has died, he/she will

stop and hold a silent

pause that can last several


What a metaphor!

Our Mission is to create, facilitate and preserve essential family conversations in advance of health care crises with a commitment to empathetic, jargon-free guidance and absolute respect for the goals, wishes and values of the individual. Imagine a community that comes to fear less and trust more.  Imagine a society that sees death as part of life, less taboo and frightening and more accessible and commonplace.   Imagine families who can help loved ones live until they die and have a conversational road map to help them navigate the journey. Our vision is for people to die better using the low-tech, high-empathy medium of face-to-face conversation.  We envision not a program but a process by which families, communities and society as a whole can shift from fear of aging and death to a courageous, if sometimes painful, embrace of them.

“It's always too soon until it's too late.”

Welcome to Conversation Academy!

So Why the Elephant?

With 32 million Baby Boomers moving into their retirement years, treating

conversation about death as the "elephant in the room," is no longer a

sustainable paradigm.